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More than 30 years of service into the Humanitarian and Development sector, combining a strong background in Strategic Management of International Organisations and complex Humanitarian Programmes.

Teams’ leadership, facilitation, mediation and synthesis skills have been developed and practiced over many years, conducting and facilitating several international complex meetings, workshops, courses and seminars.

Field missions over 50 countries in the world from all continents, some examples are:

  • Western Sahara: Development of an Integrated Management System for Participation and Accountability. 2023.

  • Ukraine: Development of Comprehensive Strategy for Humanitarian Response for the Ukraine Crisis. 2022.

  • Niger: Development of Humanitarian Framework (Policy & Strategy) for Local NGO. 2022.

  • Palestine: Organisational capacity Assessment and strengthening of Local Humanitarian Organisations. 2021.

  • Online: Training on Monitoring and Evaluation of Humanitarian Programmes. 2021.

  • Myanmar: Rapid assessment on humanitarian impact of COVID-19 in IDP camps. 2020.

  • Global: Report on “Participation and accountability of the subject populations of humanitarian actions” 2020.

  • Myanmar: Return and Resettlement from a gender perspective in Myanmar. Policy brief. 2019.

  • Somalia-Somaliland: National Humanitarian Capacities Analysis and diagnosis of implementation of the "Localization Agenda". 2019.

  • Bangladesh: National Humanitarian Capacities Analysis Update. 2018.

  • Myanmar: Needs Assessment of Displaced Persons. 2018.

  • Senegal: Power Relations analysis of Humanitarian actors in Senegal. 2018.

  • Turkey: Study on Turkish response to the Syrian Refugees' Crisis. 2017.

  • Mauritania: National Humanitarian Capacity Assessment. 2016.

  • Bangladesh: National Humanitarian Capacity Assessment. 2016.

  • Pakistan: National Humanitarian Capacity Assessment. 2015.

  • Myanmar: Humanitarian Organisational Capacities Assessment and Capacity building plans. 2014-2015.

  • Somalia: Humanitarian Capacity Assessments in Somaliland, Puntland and East Central Somalia. 2014.

  • Myanmar: Humanitarian Policy and Resilience & Disaster Risk Reduction Strategy. Humanitarian Response Strategy. 2013.

  • Mozambique: Organisational Humanitarian capacity assessment. Capacity development plans and Humanitarian trainings 2012-2013-2014-2015.

  • Haiti, Cuba, El Salvador: Strategic Humanitarian Planning. 2012-2013.

  • Cuba: Evaluation of DRR project. 2012.

  • Myanmar: Strategic Humanitarian Plan development workshop. 2010.

  • Mexico: Humanitarian Strategy Planning. 2009.

  • Mozambique: Humanitarian Assessment capacities. 2008.

  • India: Strategic Humanitarian Plan development Advice. 2008.

  • Nicaragua 2007, Ethiopia 2006, China 2005, Pakistan 2005, Chad 2004, etc.

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