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These are some of the services offered:
  1. Organizational advice and facilitation to organisations in Humanitarian Policy making and Strategies’ design and Organizational Development.

  2. Support to Organisations in decision making, particularly in the early days of big emergencies, helping to identify adequate strategies, opportunities and pitfalls and moving into professional decision making.

  3. Organisational and Country Assessment of Humanitarian Capacities (comprehensive methodologies –HUCAM- and –HUCOCA- developed and applied by Fernando Almansa).

  4. Humanitarian Training courses:
    • Strategic Management of Humanitarian Action, (modular course from two days course up to full two weeks course).

    • Ethics of Humanitarian Action, (from one day to five days course).

    • Leadership in Humanitarian Action.

    • Ad-hoc tailored courses on Humanitarianism, DRR, Resilience, Management, Planning, etc.


  1. Coaching humanitarian staff of high level of responsibility in the first months of a disaster, or at time of crises, or on regular basis; both at HQ and field levels.

  2. Evaluation of Humanitarian and Development programmes and strategies, on the ground and at HQ.

  3. Practical advice on Humanitarian responses based on "Real Time evaluations" and support to make decisions and re-address actions.

  4. Comprehensive analysis of impact achieved across the years by Organisations.

  5. Mediation and facilitation among organizations and teams.

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