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  1. If you are interested in getting a fine traditionally handmade Spanish classical guitar, you may order it to me by sending an e-mail at fer.almansa@gmail.com
  2. You do not need to pay any amount in advance but if you have any particular request or wish to use highest quality woods and materials, you may agree with me to buy yourself the materials and send them directly to me. If you want a medium-high wood quality, I will take care for all costs related to the materials needed.

  3. The value will be fixed once the order of the guitar has been made and agreed. Value could vary from 3,000 € to 6,000 €, depending on quality and design agreed. Note that handmade guitars are not industrial guitars and each one will have its one personality and distinctive marks. I will not receive any money for it, and I will put my work and materials as a free contribution to children receiving it.

  4. Once the guitar is ready (it may take up to 6 or 12 months). You are free to get the guitar or not; if you accept it, you can collect the guitar after you have transferred the money for the humanitarian guitar’s value to the Non Profit Organisation that I will have assigned for this particular guitar. Selected Non Profit Organisations will be well reputed Humanitarian NGOs that I know firsthand and that will use the money to support some children’s programmes. It could be to a particular group or individual, it could involve education support, scholarships or other priorities.

The guitar will be delivered along with a small photos' report of the guitar construction process.

In summary you make a children's targeted donation, I do a contribution to it with work and materials, and you get a guitar of fine quality.

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